Onion planting – still needs to happen despite COVID-19…

This year’s onion planting will happen in a slightly different way to usual, to make sure this big annual task can be completed whilst at the same time enabling members to get out in the fresh air and still maintain the recommended social distancing measures.

Come and help plant the main onion crop – a task suitable for all ages! The work will continue for as many days as needed (Tuesday-Saturday) and any member who is well and symptom free, and has not been advised to self-isolate, is welcome to come and join in – the work will be arranged so that social distancing measures can be maintained.

Due to COVID-19 we will not be providing any refreshments or arranging shared food during onion planting work sessions. You are encouraged to bring a flask with your own hot drinks, and are welcome to bring a packed lunch if you want to work both sides of lunchtime.

We will be contacting members to let them know when the work can start (dependent on the ground being dry enough for the land to be prepared). Saturday 4th April or 11th April onwards – to be advised

2020 – February news: Wet and wild

For two successive weekends we have had been battered by wet and windy weather, and many members have expressed concern about the consequences for our infrastructure and crops. Fortunately Canalside has emerged unscathed, with the tunnels and other structures all surviving the wind without a hitch (touch wood!), and most of our field-stored crops seem to be coping well with the repeated deluges. You might think farmers are helpless against the onslaught of brutal storms, but there are many farming practices that can really help mitigate the effect of extreme rainfall that we’ve seen over the last five months, most of which are integral to the organic approach and involve protecting and nourishing healthy soil as your most precious resource.

You may also be interested in this article which describes some of the factors from agricultural practices that contribute to flooding.

2019 – February’s news: We Own Our Land!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Canalside Community Food Limited now owns our land!

After a lengthy period of dotting i’s and crossing t’s, the solicitors have finally exchanged contracts, bringing an end to the process that began with our share offer launch and successful fundraising drive last year. This is really a beginning rather that an end, as the purchase safeguards our land in perpetuity and means it will be owned and stewarded by this community from hereon!

Half way there, to our target to buy the land!

We are now in the final phase of our community investment opportunity and we want to say a HUGE MASSIVE THANKYOU to everyone who has come on board to be part of this amazing project that we’ve been working on for the last 2 years.

WE ARE NOW HALF WAY THERE!! We are thrilled that over 60 of you (households and individuals) have invested and become part of the community in this way and we have raised around £55,000 already! THANK YOU SO MUCH and WELCOME to being a share holder!

**The offer period runs from 19th MAY – 29th JUNE and so with 17 days to go we are ramping up the energy so we can meet our goal. We can only make this happen if we make our total of £105,000.

We invite you to invest and become part of our successful, inspiring and sustainable CSA as we enter our second decade and be part of this unique and exciting opportunity for us to share the ownership of the land co-operatively (that we currently rent) and secure and preserve it for the use of community farming for the future.

Visit: https://www.canalsidecommunityfood.org.uk/share-offer/ for all the information on what being a share holder means.

You can invest anything from £50 for one share up to £10,000. You can also simply donate if £50 is too much of a stretch at this time. You do not even have to be a member – this offer is open to anyone who would like to make an ethical investment in this way, so please tell your friends, families and networks who would be interested.

Why should I invest?

– to safe guard the land for local organic food production until the end of time!
– to be a steward of the land and care for the natural environment, to offset your carbon footprint!
– to support a space that provides local, seasonal and organic food production
– to support a space that provides community education and access to local green space

Here’s a video from our four fab Canalside founders, Caz and Tom Ingall, Gareth Davies and Judy Steele, telling us about why they think this kind of ethical investment is the way forward.

How can I help?

We need to raise another £50 K! It’s a 2 step process –
1) Visit this link https://www.canalsidecommunityfood.org.uk/share-offer/ read the document and click on the relevant application form
2) You will be contacted by us to then make your payment into the bank account. SIMPLES!

– DONATE – if you don’t wish to buy a share, or the stretch is too much at this time then any amount is very gratefully received.

– SPREAD THE WORD – you don’t have to be a member or even live locally to become a share holder. Anyone interested in ethical investment can partake – we have flyers, leaflets and all the information is on our website.

– Help us create SOCIAL MEDIA MOMENTUM – like/comment/share the posts from us – it really helps! We will be posting mightily over the coming days and the more momentum we can build up online the better. Please share our posts, and tell your networks about why you love Canalside/CSA’s and why you are investing.

Thank you so much for reading and for all your support!

Share collections going ahead despite snow

The current snowy weather and freezing temperatures have caused significant interruption to normal activities this week, but here at Canalside the field team have worked extremely hard to maintain business as usual.

If you are a share member expecting to collect today or  tomorrow (12th & 13th December) please read on.

Collecting shares

Tuesday 12th: Collection will go ahead at the farm between 3 and 6.30pm as usual. However, there will be no access down the drive to the car park or pole barn. Your share will be bagged for you (and labelled S, M or L) and will be on the trailer at the top of the drive. There is turning space there, but please turn with care and to ensure space for others to turn in safely, please do not linger. As space is so limited at the top of the drive, please do not park there and walk down to the social area.

If you do get stuck, or feel some assistance is needed to help people turn, get out of the drive etc, please call the site phone (07758340491).

Sadly we may not be able to put any leaves in today’s share as everything is frozen solid, but we will try. If not, you will get extra squash and root veg to see you through until next week.

If you are unable to collect your Tuesday share as planned, please come any time up until 2pm Wednesday if you can. After that the normal arrangements will apply and you will be welcome to try to make up a share from the ‘extras’ during the Saturday collection (10am-1pm) or from the leftover produce between 1 and 2pm after Saturday’s collection has finished.

Wednesday 13th: If it is safe to do so, we will reopen the drive for the collection. If this isn’t possible, your share will be bagged for collection at the top of the drive. Information above will then apply!

Workshares and the work morning

The Wednesday work morning will go ahead as usual, but if you’re driving here, workshares and volunteers are advised to call the site phone on 07758340491 before setting off.

We hope collections will be back to normal for Saturday 16th.

We hope you’re keeping warm. Go well, Ali

Save Bath Place – please sign the petition

If you feel happy to, please sign the petition found at the link below (at very bottom) about keeping the “Bath Place Community Venture” at the old Library rather than letting the state sell it to convert it into apartments.  Every little action helps.
(if you’ve already signed, that’s great)
BPCV runs with no subsidy and, apart from its own work supporting people who most need support, it hosts many arts and youth organisations.  There is no place it could move to without being broken up and becoming unviable.  The college who own it have no interest in this other than their own financial agenda.
More background can be read at:
or see its Annual Report on http://www.bathplace.org/  or ring me for a chat.
Please also be prepared, should it arise, to raise an objection to planning approval for its change of use.
Many thanks

Andrew Emm   Mob anytime:07770 658450     Home:01926 311695


Feeding the 5000

Friday saw the ‘Feeding the 5000’ event, at which 5000 members of the public in Trafalgar Square ate curry made from surplus food that would otherwise have been wasted. Its aim was to highlight how easy it is to reduce the unimaginable levels of food waste in the UK and internatonally, and in doing so benefit those who don’t have enough to eat.

The event urged the public to sign the Feeding the 5000 pledge calling for acton from governments, retailers and food businesses: ‘I pledge to reduce my food waste and I want businesses to do the same’. Fear not! Although the event is over, those unable to attend the event will be able to pledge through the Feeding the 5000 website (www.feeding5k.org). Around 80 percent of consumers want businesses to tackle food waste: this offers an opportunity for businesses to respond to the challenge in proactive, positive ways.

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