Shares of the harvest

We aim to provide organic produce shares for our members 52 weeks a year, using only the vegetables and fruits we grow at Canalside Community Food near Leamington Spa.  You will receive a weekly share of whatever is harvested each week,  according to whether you have subscribed to a Large, Medium or Small share (see Prices).  Examples of weekly shares in the different sizes throughout the year are below (please note that these are not definitive lists, but give you an idea of what you might expect based on our produce share records from 2017). As you can see below, the three share sizes generally consist of the same produce, just in different quantities.

The main thing that we want you to know is that as we will only be providing what we can grow here on the farm. For this reason, you may notice a difference in the quantity of produce in your weekly share throughout the year.  For example, a produce share in August or September is going to be both larger and more diverse than a share in, say, May.  This is simply because there are times of the year where produce is more abundant due to the point in the growing season. In terms of the value of your produce, however, this should balance out over the year – where a share in May may well be worth less than the weekly share price, in August or September it could be worth almost double this.

Example shares from 2017:

Example 1 – January
Item Large share Medium share Small share
Potatoes 1.5kg 1kg 650g
Onions 300g 200g 135g
Carrots 600g 400g 270g
Beetroot 750g 500g 350g
Leeks 3 2 1
Cabbage 1 large 1 medium 1 small
Mixed salad 150g 100g 70g
Pak choi 150g 100g 70g
Example 2 – March
Item Large share Medium share Small share
Potatoes 1.5kg 1kg 650g
Onions 300g 200g 135g
Carrots 750g 500g 350g
Parsnip 600g 400g 270g
Swede 600g 400g 270g
Cauliflower 1 large 1 medium 1 small
Squash 900g 600g 400g
Leaf beet 270g 180g 120g
Pak choi 180g 120g 80g
Purple sprouting broccoli 180g 120g 80g
Example 3 – May – harvesting gap!
Item Large share Medium share Small share
Beetroot 600g 400g 270g
Radish 300g 200g 135g
Bunched carrots 450g 300g 200g
Squash 675g 450g 300g
Chard 330g 220g 175g
Spring greens 390g 260g 170g
Rocket 150g 100g 65g
Mixed salad 225g 150g 100g
Pot of basil 3 2 1
Example 4 – July
Item Large share Medium share Small share
Potatoes 1.5kg 1kg 650g
Onions 5 3 1
Fennel 3 2 1
Chard 300g 200g 135g
French beans 300g 200g 135g
Courgette 6 4 2
Mixed salad 270g 180g 135g
Cucumber 3 2 1
Parsley 75g 50g 35g
Example 5 – September
Item Large share Medium share Small share
Potatoes 2.25kg 1.5kg 1kg
Onions 550g 360g 240g
Carrots 600g 400g 270g
Tomatoes 1.1kg 700g 470g
Runner beans 375g 250g 165g
Cauliflower 1 1 1
Peppers 3 2 1
Sweetcorn 3 2 1
New Zealand spinach 240g 180g 120g
Broccoli side shoots 300g 200g 135g
French beans 225g 150g 100g
Basil 60g 40g 25g
Parsley (flat leaf) 75g 50g 35g
Apples 6 4 2
Example 6 – November
Item Large share Medium share Small share
Potatoes 1.8kg 1.2kg 800g
Onions 450g 300g 200g
Carrots 450g 300g 200g
Beetroot (chioggia) 750g 500g 350g
Butternut squash 1 large 1 medium 1 small
Peppers 3 2 1
Pak choi head 2 1 1
Kale 240g 160g 100g
Salad 180g 120g 80g
Parsley 60g 40g 25g

Mixed salad could include: lettuce, rocket, mizuna, mustard leaf, tatsoi, winter purslane (claytonia), parsley, lambs lettuce (corn salad), endive, radicchio, cress, baby chard, baby spinach (as and when each are available and in season)

See what our share members say if you want a different perspective!

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Updated 6th March 2018

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