Research Canalside features in

Over the years, we’ve been asked to participate in all kinds of research about food production systems. Click on the links below to read the papers of some of the research in which we’ve taken part.

How ‘green’ is your grass? Management and conservation value of Warwickshire arable grassland green infrastructure
Louise Tranter, MSc in Environmental Science (2023)
Full research MSc dissertation

Can ruralising urban areas through greening and growing create a healthy, sustainable & resilient food system?
An interdisciplinary team from Lancaster, Liverpool and Cranfield Universities (in process)
Study website

Paola Guzman, PhD, Centre for Agroecology and Water Resilience, Coventry University (in process)
Report: Food Hubs in the UK: Where are we and what next?
Paola Guzman and Christian Reynolds

Scaling up community-supported agriculture in the UK: Assessing the current and potential spread of CSA using a strategic niche management framework
Greta Hughson, MSc Sustainable Food and Natural Resources, Centre for Alternative Technology (2019)
Summary of research
Full research MSc dissertation

Alternative Food Networks and Online Space
Elizabeth Bos and Luke Owen, Centre for Agroecology and Water Resilience and Centre for Business in Society, Coventry University (2014)
Summary of Canalside’s survey results

A comparative analysis of community supported agriculture and UK supermarkets as food systems with specific reference to food waste
Nigel Baker, MSc Food Security, Coventry University (2014)
Full research report

Eco-literacy through CSA
Knowing, caring and practice: Investigating the influence of community-supported agriculture on ecological literacy
Celia Ashman, BA Environmental Sustainability (Industrial), University of Leeds (2013)
Full research report

Updated 30th March 2023

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