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We are near the edge of Radford Semele village on the road towards the Fosse Way.

If using a satnav, please use the postcode (CV31 1TY) until you are between the housing development called Semele Park (Bloxham Way) at the edge of Radford Semele and the Fosse Way, and then follow these directions:

From Leamington/Radford Semele: look out for a carved wooden sign (see picture above), on the left, just after a handful of houses on the right. Turn left down our drive.

From the Fosse Way/Southam: after entering the 40 mph zone, go past 2 drives/farm entrances on the right, then look for the back of the carved wooden sign, on the right, just before a handful of houses on the left. Turn right down our drive.

Please go all the way down through the woodland, into the next field and park in the parking area next to the polytunnels.


If you want to cycle or walk, the easiest off-road route is along the towpath (out of Leamington towards Long Itchington).

Pass Radford Bottom lock and continue under the viaduct (bridge #33A). At the next bridge (#33 – a small brick bridge), turn up to your left just in front of it (don’t go under the bridge – there’s a steep path that goes up onto the bridge).

From here you are following the trail of footsteps on the map (see below).

Cross the bridge. The normal route through the farm is through the LEFTHAND gate. Continue straight up the field – keep the hedge close to your right-hand side. Go through the gate at the top of that field, continue up the track, past the caravans on your left.

At the corner of the fruit field, follow the track round to the right following the edge of the fruit field – keep all the houses on your left. Continue through another two fields until you see the large barn and polytunnels ahead. Be ready for a muddy walk after leaving the towpath if the weather has been wet!

If the normal route is unavailable,

please follow any signs to avoid disturbing other groups’ activities.

Please leave any gates as you find them.

Updated on 28th April 2020

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