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…on being a produce share member:

We joined Canalside in the summer of 2011. We were interested in growing our own vegetables, but didn’t have the time to maintain an allotment, so Canalside seemed to be a good alternative, as we could get involved with the growing process but without the pressure.

It has turned out to be so much more – it has introduced us to a wonderfully diverse group of people, significantly reduced our food budget and expanded our awareness of the amazing variety of vegetables that can be grown in the UK so that we have become much more adventurous in our cooking. We have halved our dependence on processed foods and our children can take healthy sandwiches into school 2 days a week which is good for them and reduces our dinner money bill.

However the greatest effect has been on me. I had been trying to lose weight without success, but then I had the idea of turning half our vegetables into soup in a weekly ‘vat’ which I can freeze in individual portions for work, instead of buying either calorie laden sandwiches or expensive hot meals at the canteen. Since January 2012, I have lost 2 stone and dropped two dress sizes – and with the money I’ve saved I have been able to buy a new wardrobe guilt-free! All thanks to Canalside!
Mandy, February 2013

…on La Jimena

We collected our first La Jimena fruit share a couple of days ago and have been delighted by how wonderful it all is. The almonds, straight from the shell, taste more almondy than any we have ever tasted; the citrus are super juicy and flavourful; the figs are – well – interesting! The olive oil is a glorious gold colour and has a fresh, nutty, zing.

We were so impressed that we checked out the La Jimena website and discovered the full story behind this wonderful produce. The transparent simplicity and quality chime well with Canalside’s ethos.

Many thanks to Ali, Mathis and all involved in sharing this lovely food.

We are already planning our dream order for 2014 (fingers crossed).
Ann and Gerry Lewis, February 2013

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