Share collections going ahead despite snow

December 12, 2017 by General Administrator
The current snowy weather and freezing temperatures have caused significant interruption to normal activities this week, but here at Canalside the field team have worked extremely hard to maintain business as usual.

If you are a share member expecting to collect today or  tomorrow (12th & 13th December) please read on.

Collecting shares

Tuesday 12th: Collection will go ahead at the farm between 3 and 6.30pm as usual. However, there will be no access down the drive to the car park or pole barn. Your share will be bagged for you (and labelled S, M or L) and will be on the trailer at the top of the drive. There is turning space there, but please turn with care and to ensure space for others to turn in safely, please do not linger. As space is so limited at the top of the drive, please do not park there and walk down to the social area.

If you do get stuck, or feel some assistance is needed to help people turn, get out of the drive etc, please call the site phone (07758340491).

Sadly we may not be able to put any leaves in today’s share as everything is frozen solid, but we will try. If not, you will get extra squash and root veg to see you through until next week.

If you are unable to collect your Tuesday share as planned, please come any time up until 2pm Wednesday if you can. After that the normal arrangements will apply and you will be welcome to try to make up a share from the ‘extras’ during the Saturday collection (10am-1pm) or from the leftover produce between 1 and 2pm after Saturday’s collection has finished.

Wednesday 13th: If it is safe to do so, we will reopen the drive for the collection. If this isn’t possible, your share will be bagged for collection at the top of the drive. Information above will then apply!

Workshares and the work morning

The Wednesday work morning will go ahead as usual, but if you’re driving here, workshares and volunteers are advised to call the site phone on 07758340491 before setting off.

We hope collections will be back to normal for Saturday 16th.

We hope you’re keeping warm. Go well, Ali

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