Leamington Community Kitchen’s Sunday lunch

December 5, 2011 by General Administrator
Leamington Community Kitchen (LCK) is a new venture organised by some
pro-active Warwick Uni students.   LCK uses waste food from local
businesses to cook delicious Sunday lunches to give away.

"The project is aiming to rescue perfectly edible food that is thrown
away everyday and use it to feed the community.  By doing this we want
not only to target food waste but to create a friendly space where
people can come together to share a meal"

The students are using the Veggie Table cafe at Bath Place as their
base, and so far have collected food from the kind people at the Spa,
Gaia, and Bread & Co.

Rebecca and I went along on Sunday with the kids to check it out and
received a warm welcome and a very generous lunch - all for FREE, but
small donations are welcome to buy some provisions.   Whilst some
people may think the project is simply a "soup kitchen" aimed at the
homeless and long-term unemployed, the students were keen to point out
that they are targeting the wider community.  Sustainability is where
they are coming from.  Could this be the start of a larger Freeconomy
/ Freegan movement in Leamington?

Please spread the word and come and support LCK.   Donations of food
are welcome, the group soon hope to have a chest freezer at Bath
Place.  Ring Lewis on 07932 540813

Bruce Knight
(Read more at: http://www.bathplace.org/news/community-kitchen.html)
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