Feeding the 5000

November 21, 2011 by General Administrator

Friday saw the ‘Feeding the 5000’ event, at which 5000 members of the public in Trafalgar Square ate curry made from surplus food that would otherwise have been wasted. Its aim was to highlight how easy it is to reduce the unimaginable levels of food waste in the UK and internatonally, and in doing so benefit those who don’t have enough to eat.

The event urged the public to sign the Feeding the 5000 pledge calling for acton from governments, retailers and food businesses: ‘I pledge to reduce my food waste and I want businesses to do the same’. Fear not! Although the event is over, those unable to attend the event will be able to pledge through the Feeding the 5000 website (www.feeding5k.org). Around 80 percent of consumers want businesses to tackle food waste: this offers an opportunity for businesses to respond to the challenge in proactive, positive ways.

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