Potato and Parsnip Dauphinoise recipe

March 10, 2011 by General Administrator

Here’s another recipe, this time from Galina, one of our veg members. A different way of using some of those staples we’re so reliant on at this time of year!

Thanks Galina!

Potato and Parsnip Dauphinoise recipe
Serves 4-6

1kg potatoes, thinly sliced
450g parsnips, thinly sliced
1 onion
2 garlic cloves
50g/4 tbsp butter
125g Gruyere or Cheddar cheese, grated
fresh nutmeg, grated
salt and pepper
300ml/1.25 cups single cream
300ml/1.25 cups milk

1. Set oven to 180 Celsius and grease a large shallow oven dish.
2. Layer the potatoes with the onion and parsnips. In between each layer, dot the vegetables with garlic and butter, sprinkle over most of the cheese, add the nutmeg and season well.
3. Heat the cream and milk together in a saucepan until it is hot but not boiling. Slowly pour over the veg.
4. Scatter remaining cheese over and grate a little more nutmeg on top. Bake about an hour until tender and golden.

Galina says, “I also sometimes add my own spices with the seasoning, like curry powder for example.”

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