Transition Town Leamington Permaculture Course and Film Showings

January 14, 2011 by General Administrator

Sat 29th + Sun 30th Jan
Introduction to Permaculture
“Designing a Sustainable Future”
9 am – 5 pm @ Sydni Centre, Sydenham, CV32 1PT
This 2 day introductory course is an excellent way to find out more about permaculture & provide an opportunity to actively learn about the principles
and methods of regenerative design.
Richard Perkins dynamically incorporates hands-on activities, co-operative discussion and lecture story-telling. A design exercise will focus on the Sydni Centre Community Garden.
Students are left with tangible and practical ways to creatively respond to global challenges humanity faces today, and how to benefit their community & eco-system through Permaculture Design.
This broad and interactive weekend will clarify exactly what Permaculture Design is,
and will leave you understanding clearly how you can effect positive change in your life and community.
Booking fee £12. Contact Juliet Carter on 01926 421467

Also : FREE double bill film showing of :
“A Farm for the Future” &
“Power of Community: How Cuba survived Peak Oil”
Fri 28th Jan 7pm start @ Sydni Centre

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