Organic Food & Farming Talk by Ulrich Schmutz

January 21, 2009 by General Administrator
100% organic food and farming – the future for a post-oil-based farming industry?
A talk by Ulrich Schmutz

Monday February 16th

Ulrich’s career as a researcher in organic farming and horticulture shapes his take on the possibilities – and possibility – of total organic farming. He will draw on several projects he is involved with and other current and published research. He will outline the strength and weaknesses of the organic approach, and look at the fossil-fuel (aka carbon footprint) issue and other environmental economic issues of current conventional food production.

As everybody has to eat, and many grow their own food and even have some farming links, Ulrich is hoping for a lively discussion – as some of his organic-scenario thinking will demand personal lifestyle changes!

Ulrich Schmutz worked at Berlin University in Germany and as farm business consultant in East Germany before joining the HDRA research charity (new name – Garden Organic) at Ryton as an environmental economist seven years ago. He has been working on research projects with various UK Universities (including Warwick University’s organic research facility at Warwick HRI Wellesbourne). He is also visiting Professor for Organic Farming at Bolzano University, Italy.

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