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The Canalside newsletter is produced twice a year as follows:

Spring/Summer – April
Autumn/Winter – October


Before each issue, members are invited to promote personal projects and fund-raising activities (free for a maximum of 6cm column space, half page width. Small ads for business or money-making ventures are also invited (£3 per ad for 6cm). Longer ads are possible, subject to space. To place a longer small ad, the fee should be increased by £1 for every 2cm. The template allows advertisers to calculate the cost of their ad.

Non-members may submit small ads for business/money-making ventures – £5 for 6cm. Longer ads should have the fee increased accordingly by £1.50 per 2cm. Download the non-members’ ad template here.

Criteria for inclusion:

Members’ corner notices and small ads from members are allocated on a first come, first served basis subject to space (and receipt of payment where applicable), and longer ads are included subject to space. This applies to notices/ads and payments received by the deadline.

The design of the ad is your responsibility and the template allows you to do that, with colour, bold or italic text and/or images if you wish.

Please keep it relatively simple – no huge file sizes please!

Categories / cost for members’ ads and notices:
Members’ corner:
– For telling other members about your not-for-profit ventures and projects, and charity fund-raising events
– Free for the 1st ad space
– Longer ads – £3 for up to a 2nd ad space, and then £1 per extra 2cm of ad. (please download and use template for further clarification)
Small ads:
– For any business or money-making ventures – e.g. room to let, therapy sessions, something for sale
– £3 for the 1st ad space
– Longer ads – an additional £1 per extra 2cm of ad. (please download and use template for further clarification)

Late arrivals:
Any ads/payments submitted after the deadline will unfortunately not be able to be included as the newsletter will already be well underway. Ads which cannot be included due to shortage of space or late arrival will be carried over to the next issue in 6 months’ time (with their payment).

Repeat ads:

Please let Ali know if you are interested in paying for a small ad in more than one issue of the Canalside biannual newsletter.

Deadlines – for copy and distribution

The deadline for submissions for the newsletter is usually the penultimate Sunday of the month when it will be published, with it usually being sent out to members by email during the last week of the month. (This is occasionally subject to slight variation.)

Printed copies are available in the collection space a week or so  later.

Updated 9th April 2019

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