General information

This information is sent to all new members in their welcome pack:


…to Canalside Community Food!

We are a Community Supported Agriculture scheme for people in Leamington/Warwick area and surroundings. We produce weekly, organic, seasonal produce shares for our members who live locally to the farm and we aim to be a pioneering organisation that provides the opportunity for people to participate in the process of growing the food as well as to enjoy the land on which it is grown. At the heart of Canalside are the volunteer work mornings. These are twice a week every week of the year (except between Christmas and New Year) and we hope you’ll be able to come and join in sometime. (See Volunteering for more details, or the ‘How to get involved at Canalside’ section in the paper copy of the members’ information booklet you received when you joined, and periodically by email since then.)

We welcome you to use the site and love to see: children playing in the social area while parents collect their share, members enjoying a cuppa during their collection slot or a work morning, dog owning members (and any others) stretching their legs round the fields after a day at a desk. (See Finding your way around the site and Using the site for more details.) Please wear sturdy footwear that can cope with farm tracks that may be uneven or slippery when you visit the farm.

We look forward to meeting you in the near future, if we haven’t yet, so that we can show you around the social area and answer any questions that you may have. Please contact Ali if you haven’t yet had an orientation.

Updated 1st May 2020

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