Changing your share size

Reducing your share size

Please note, we require at least 2 full payment months’ notice for reducing your share size – this is because we rely on the financial stability to make growing and financial plans for the months ahead. Asking for 2 months notice gives us enough time to hopefully find someone else to take take up the portion of your share that you no longer need.

If you were hoping to change your share size in less than 2 full payment months, please contact Ali so that we can start a discussion about the date to change. In exceptional cases it may be possible to negotiate on this notice period.

To change your share size, please start by contacting Ali with the date you would like to change your share size, at least two full payment months in the future. Please leave your standing order as it is at this stage. Ali will reply with details of what to instruct your bank in relation to changing your standing order amount.

Increasing your share size

This is possible from your next standing order payment, or in some cases sooner. Please contact Ali with your request and she will advise you on what to instruct your bank to do.

Updated 21st March 2018, re-checked 1st May 2020

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