Trial produce share

Please await confirmation from Ali before collecting your first trial share. 

5th May 2017: As we are in the leanest part of the year, shares purchased now will start in the week beginning 12th June, so that you experience the share with fresh, new season crops in your first few weeks.

Trial produce shares are for 1 calendar month, include 4 share collections and social membership, and are priced as follows:

Size of Share Price (per month) produce + membership fee Cost per week for produce Membership fee (per month)
Large £72 £16.50 £2
Medium £50 £11 £2
Small £34 £7.40 £2

If collecting from our collection point near Leamington train station, monthly share price is as listed above, plus £4.40 packing and delivery charge (£1 per week).

Please state an earliest start date at least 3 days away. (NB. Each year no purchases can be confirmed between 24th December and 3rd January, inclusive.) We will contact you to confirm when your trial share will start – this is usually by email unless the time frame is very short when your payment is processed.

Trial share sizes and prices
Collection place and time
Earliest start – 3+days away
Phone no, confirm email

Updated 28th March 2017

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