Using the site

All our members are welcome to use the social area and walk around the fields we use whenever the site is open. For security reasons this is mainly during collection times. We ask that you stay off the cropping areas (the beds in the fields and polytunnels) unless with a grower or other member of staff. You will need to wear sturdy footwear as the tracks can be uneven or slippery: this is a working farm!

You are welcome to bring your dog for a walk as well, but please keep them on a lead in the social area, off the cropping areas, and scoop any poop and ensure that you take it home with you.

As a member you may want to use the social area to celebrate a special occasion or enjoy a bit of family camping without travelling too far. To book the site please contact Ali at least a week in advance of when you need an answer with the following information:

  • the proposed date and timings

  • any alternative dates

  • the size of the proposed gathering

  • the nature of the proposed gathering

For use of the social area for private events, we have some guidelines available to help you with your planning, and ask that you make a donation that reflects the size of the event.

Updated 21st March 2018, re-checked 1st May 2020

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