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What is Canalside?
Canalside Community Food is very much like an organic, vegetable box scheme – members pay a subscription for a weekly assortment of produce that is in season.  Being a CSA however, Canalside is much more than your average box scheme, offering the chance to be part of a community that works to support a local farm whilst enjoying a regular share in the harvest.  Members are able to visit the farm and help with the growing, harvesting and weeding(!).  With the community supporting the growers with labour intensive tasks in this way, it makes the process of producing food a more economically reliable and affordable task.  As well as these opportunities to help work on the farm with the growing of vegetables and fruit, there are also social gatherings throughout the year. Through helping on the scheme and attending social events, members have access to the land and can enjoy the space – both the fields and the ‘social area’.

Canalside vegetables
Canalside Community Food started full scale vegetable production in spring 2007 and we now produce weekly shares of seasonal veg for around 180 households. All the vegetables in the shares are grown on the site at the edge of Radford Semele, where we cultivate 7 acres, including seven large polytunnels for tender crops, using organic methods. We are certified organic by the Soil Association.

Example of a Large weekly veg share for August

Click on the picture for our veg share prices and how to sign up for your share of the harvest!

Canalside fruit
During the winter of 2009-10, we started planting a fruit orchard using a Local Food grant to cover the start-up costs of a fruit project. Now that the trees are becoming mature, this gives residents of Radford Semele and surrounding areas a truly local and sustainable option for their fruit as well as their vegetables. Organic fruit is included in the shares when in season. For some fruits, the land team pick the fruit and lay it out alongside the vegetables for members to collect from our collection hub. Other items are available on a ‘pick-your-own’ basis, allowing members to have fragile soft fruits when they want them, in best possible condition and in quantities that allow for activities such as jam making, if desired!

Get involved!
If you like fresh food and fresh air, would like to feel more connected to both the community and the countryside around you and would like to be more involved in local  food production, please have a look through our website to see what we can offer you, and get in touch with us if you can’t find the answers to any questions.

Updated 13th January 2020

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